Frustrated Obama Lashes Out at Lazy Democrat Voters

Obama is showing his frustration on the campaign trail.
The man who single-handily destroyed the Democrat Party is lashing out at Democrat voters, suggesting the party can’t win because they’re sleepy and complacent.
Just say it, Obama. They’re lazy, right?
When it comes to the Democrats not being able get things accomplished in government, Obama blames the voters for being lazy! reports: “Democrats sometimes … y’all get a little sleepy. You get a little complacent,” he said at the rally in Richmond, Va.
“This is not my opinion, this is the data,” Obama said.
He said Democrats often show up in great numbers during presidential elections, but then fail to show up in the off years.
“And so, as a consequence, folks wake up and they’re surprised, how come we can’t get things through Congress. How come we can’t get things through the statehouse?” he asked.
“Because you slept through the election,” he said. “But the stakes now don’t allow you to sleep.”
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