Globalist Pope Francis Calls Islamic Refugees ‘Warriors of Hope’

Pope Francis is becoming more and more aggressive in pushing his progressive, pro-refugee rhetoric.
Now, the Pope is calling migrants and refugees “warriors of hope,” and insists that nations keep their borders open for immigration.
These refugees and migrants are “warriors” of radical Islam, not “hope,” and Pope Francis should be ashamed of himself.
As the Pope sits safe behind the walls of the Vatican, he has the audacity to lecture us on letting in hordes of people who openly want to kill us.
If Pope Francis likes Islamic migrants and refugees so much, he should take a few thousand of them into his own home, before telling us we should do the same.
From Breitbart
During a full day in Bologna, Francis spent an hour meeting hundreds of migrants personally while posing with them for selfies under light drizzle. Later, the pontiff hosted a luncheon for asylum-seekers and prisoners in the St. Petronius basilica. He even donned a yellow plastic ID bracelet used by asylum-seekers to express his solidarity with them.
“Do you know what you are? You are ‘warriors of hope’!” Francis exclaimed during his address to the many migrants present, urging them not to give in to disappointment or despair.
In his address, the Pope also offered his explanation of why he believes some people in Europe oppose mass migration, building on earlier statements in which he suggested that xenophobia was fueling people’s concerns.
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