Gold Star Widow Brittany Jacobs Defends President Trump

Gold Star Widow Brittany Jacobs recently appeared with Martha MacCallum to discuss the controversy surrounding how President Trump handles calls to Gold Star families.
Jacobs has met President Trump in-person and her experience was NOTHING like what Myeshia Johnson is claiming.
From Lifezette
Gold Star wife Brittany Jacobs appeared on Fox News Monday to defend President Trump’s behavior toward the families of relatives of US military members who died in battle.
Jacobs, whose husband Marine Sergeant Christopher Jacobs was killed in a training exercise in 2011, shared her reaction to all of the back-and-forth between the president and Gold Star wife Myeshia Johnson, whose husband was killed in Niger a couple of weeks ago.
Johnson claims that the president was insensitive during his call to her and couldn’t remember her husband’s name. President Trump denies this.
Now, Jacobs says that Trump has been “nothing but amazing to me and my family” and “it’s sad… the way everyone is politicizing” the situation.
“The president, when he called her, I think he had the best of intentions,” Jacobs continued. “I feel that no president would call a family member, especially as soon as they lost their loved one, and say anything that they think would offend them or upset them.”
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