Goodell Puts “Understanding Players” ABOVE NFL Fans in CRINGE Interview!

Roger Goodell, the Commissioner of the NFL, has managed to infuriate a large portion of the country with his handling of the entire “take a knee” controversy, and lately, he seems like a broken man.
At first NFL officials encouraged the anti-American protesting, but as players continued to kneel during the national anthem, profits sharply dropped, causing Goodell to consider other options.
Recently, the NFL Commissioner tried to walk back his initial stance on the controversy, and has waffled back and forth between ending the protests and allowing them to continue.
When asked by a reporter about the partisan split (with Republicans overwhelmingly against the protests) in support of players kneeling during the anthem, Goodell replied, “That doesn’t surprise me.”
“What we’re trying to do is stay out of politics. We’re not looking to get into politics. What we’re looking to do is continue to keep people focused on football,” said Goodell, but it’s too late for that.
What is then really disgraceful is Goodell seems to argue that “understanding players” is more important to him than the disgusted fans.
The millionaire low-info diva players desire to perform attention seeking stunts when they should be respecting the country is NOT difficult to “understand” it just needs to be DISALLOWED.
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