Gorka Mocks Dems ‘They Still Don’t Understand What Happened November 8th’

Sebastian Gorka has been pointing out the Democrats’ weaknesses since well before the election, but they don’t seem to listen to what he has to say.
In an appearance on Fox News, Gorka slams the left for “doubling down” on their ridiculous policies, saying “Democrats still don’t understand what happened on November the 8th.”
“If you look at their policies in the last 8 months, it’s as if Hillary Clinton is still their candidate,” said Gorka, who also said that Democrat politicians have “no idea” why former Democrats voted for President Trump.
“I don’t care what they say, they are so wrong- 2018 is going to be a PLEASURE to watch,” Gorka said, referring to the Democrats’ shambolic attempt to overhaul their fractured party in time for the upcoming midterm elections.
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