Hillary and CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Mock Female Trump Voters

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria has made no secret of his disdain for President Trump, and has spent the last year spewing anti-Trump rhetoric to anyone that could bear to hear him talk long enough to listen.
When Zakaria got the recent opportunity to interview Hillary Clinton, who was defeated in the infamous 2016 election, he was thrilled, and the two didn’t wait long to start talking about President Trump.
During the interview, the Trump-hating host asked Hillary if she believes white women who voted for Trump voted in favor of their race over their gender, a typical question from the race-baiting hate monger.
“You lost the white women vote,” said Zakaria, who asked Clinton,”Do you think white women in America voted their race over their gender?”
“I do think gender has not become a political mobilizing factor the way race has, and the way that Obama transcended it. I think gender is still a challenge in the political arena,” replied Clinton, taking the hint.
Hillary has made a nearly uncountable number of excuses for her election loss, and blaming “gender inequality” seemed to be the narrative that both she and Zakaria wanted to promote, but Americans know better.
The real reason Hillary lost to both Trump and Obama has nothing to do with gender, it’s because she’s an unlikeable candidate with a crooked track record who has failed to resonate with the general public since she was the first lady.
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