Hillary’s Excuse for Taking in Close to $1.5 Mil from Weinstein Not Adding Up

As Hillary Clinton continues to take heat for her close friendship with Hollywood pervert and sexual predator Harvey Weinstein, the excuses keep coming!
Now, Hillary is saying that she “did not hear” the rumors surrounding Weinstein, which is virtually impossible, considering almost every celebrity and politician in the country seemed to know what was going on.
In the interview below, Clinton tries to claim that she didn’t receive a lot of money in donations from Weinstein, initially claiming he only donated $12-16K or “something like that.”
Clinton attempts to shift the conversation away from the topic of Weinstein’s donations, and for good reason, because the Hollywood abuser has donated A LOT to the Clinton family.
In fact, according to records, Weinstein actually donated closer to $1.5 MILLION dollars to the Clintons since 1999, which is quite a bit more than Hillary initially reported.
The world of liberal politics and Hollywood are closely tied together, and it appears that overlooking and enabling evil predators like Harvey Weinstein is fine for Democrats like Hillary Clinton- just as long as the money keeps rolling in!
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