Hollywood Hypocrites Embrace Alec Baldwin, Who Called Daughter a ‘PIG’

Hollywood is filled with shameless hypocrites.
These degenerates cover for one another, like in the case of Harvey Weinstein, allowing innocent women to be abused while wagging their finger at us for supporting President Trump.
Look at Jimmy Kimmel, the late-night talk show host who has turned political, who’s defending Harvey Weinstein, now accused of first-degree rape.
While he was a host on ‘The Man Show,” Kimmel filmed scantily clad young girls bouncing on trampolines, and asked women to “grope his crotch” and “put their mouth on it.”
However, one of the most glaring stories of disgusting hypocrisy is anti-Trump actor Alec Baldwin.
Baldwin regularly does a cringeworthy portrait of President Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” which liberals praise.
Yet, this is the man who verbally SHREDDED his young daughter, calling her a “pig” and hissing unthinkable venom at her on an answering machine.
Listen to the audio:
And these are the people who condemn President Trump for NOTHING.
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