Hollywood Insider Said a “Feeding Frenzy” to Call Out Sexual Predators Coming

A “feeding frenzy” to expose the MANY other sexual predators in Hollywood is imminent according to director Bobby Farrelly.
For years, Hollywood has been filled with hypocrites. Sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein are generally “given a pass” for their immoral and disgusting behavior as long as they vote Democrat and push liberal propaganda.
Now their immoral cult is finally coming crumbling down.
Who will be left standing who is NOT exposed?
Is this is the END of Hollywood?
From Deadline
During the ITVFest in Vermont, an “emergency” panel titled “The Elephant in the Room: Harvey Weinstein/A Dialogue on Changing the Myth of the Casting Couch” was arranged in the wake of the recent scandal involving the former Miramax and TWC mogul. Among those who spoke at the panel was director Bobby Farrelly.
Farrelly was a last minute addition to the panel which included Steven Adams, Manager/Producer Head of Management & Partner, Buffalo 8; Sarah Beaulieu, Founder, The Uncomfortable Conversation, Inc.; Thea Dunlap, Producer and development executive, and Sundance veteran Leslie Durso, Chef/TV Personality. Entertainment attorney/financial consultant Vinca Jarrett moderated.
Farrelly, who is known for directing comedies such There’s Something About Mary and Dumb and Dumber, worked with Weinstein on Outside Providence, which was distributed by Miramax.
“I’ve known Harvey for a long time, my brother Peter and I worked with him,” said Farrelly. “He was charismatic and maybe a bit of a bully — and smart. I had no idea that he would be doing this of what happened this past week. I think it’s just a horrible thing. I think there is going to be a feeding frenzy and I think they are going to come out with more guys who are doing this.”
Farrelly’s statement lines up with many in Hollywood who claim they didn’t know any of this was happening. The director said he feels ashamed for not knowing and that he is “appalled by it” and that the industry needs to “clean it up and move on.”
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