Hollywood Meltdown: Jimmy Kimmel Tells Fan to ‘SUCK HIS D**K’

Actors and actresses in Hollywood are even more testy than usual.
Gone are the smug “know-it-all” attitudes, thanks to plummeting box office sales and a slew of abuse scandals, having been replaced with unhinged outbursts and insane rants.
One recent example occurred when the washed up Hollywood D-Lister, Jimmy Kimmel, unleashed on a fan asking for autographs, telling him to “suck his d**k.”
ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel may need to wash his mouth out with soap after an appearance at Washington, D.C.’s most uptight venue: The Kennedy Center.
Forget about his hatred for President Trump and his intense plight to ruin any GOP effort to repeal Obamacare. On Sunday night, Kimmel was there to cheer on his BFF David Letterman, who was receiving the Mark Twain award.
You’d think famous people like Kimmel would be used to strangers panting for his autograph. But then there are autograph dealers who — God forbid — want more than one signature.
Well, Kimmel wasn’t having it.
He told the dude to do the unthinkable, and clearly didn’t give a lick that he was in one of Washington’s most hoity-toity settings where civilized people don’t really communicate like that.
“This autographer gave Jimmy Kimmel shit tonight for only signing one per person at the Kennedy Center Mark twain awards,” Washington paparazzo photog Mark Wilkins told The Mirror late Sunday night. “Jimmy Kimmel told him to suck his dick.”
Wilkins added, “Man I wish I had that on video.”

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