Huckabee SHUTS DOWN Reporter Asking Trolling ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Question

Lately, the fake news media is pretending to be in an uproar over President Trump and his handling of the military, and the anti-Trump agenda is in full view.
After the tragic ambush in Niger, in which four brave American soldiers were killed, the liberal mainstream media has talked nonstop about the president’s military policies, and are desperate to spin the story to blame Trump.
Interestingly enough, the media never batted an eye when Barack Obama’s awful military policies, such as disastrous budget cuts and restrictive rules of engagement, lead to the deaths of American soldiers.
Now, the mainstream media is intent to portray Trump as “responsible” for the four deaths, and are trying as hard as they can to make our president look bad.
Thankfully, President Trump has the truth on his side, and some very vocal allies standing with him, such as General John Kelly and Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee, who aren’t letting the media’s lies go unchecked.
When a reporter recently implied that President Trump’s policies are rooted in “conspiracy theories,” Sarah Huckabee had the best response ever.
Getting straight to the point, Huckabee replied, “I think if anybody is pushing a lot of fabricated things right now, I think most of that would be coming from the news media, and we would certainly agree with that sentiment.”
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