Jeff Flake Just Claimed Trump’s Immigration Agenda is ‘Not Conservative’

Jeff Flake just made the completely ludicrous claim that President Trump’s immigration agenda is “not conservative.”
If this is the case, what does Flake think of as “conservative?”
The gang of 8 amnesty bill? Having open borders to islamic refugees that are a Trojan horse to ISIS?
Destroying our culture like Angela Merkel did with Germany?
This is just all the more reason that Jeff Flake MUST be replaced by Kelli Ward in 2018.
Flake’s comments:
I spoke up when I felt that I should and when the president made statements with regard to immigrants, with regard to my colleague, John McCain, with regard to promoting a Muslim ban during the campaign. Those are things that are not conservative. They shouldn’t be part of the Republican Party. I stood up. I stood up and I’m glad I did. And I think that my colleagues ought to as well.
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