Jesse Jackson Just Compared MILLIONAIRE NFL Players to Slaves ‘Picking Cotton’

Race-baiter Jesse Jackson just compared NFL players who get paid MILLIONS a year to play a sport to slaves in the field picking cotton.
So if they are slaves what about working class Americans who get paid a FRACTION of that amount?
From Breitbart
Fox Sports 1’s “Undisputed” brought civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson on to discuss the National Anthem protests in the NFL.
Jackson bashed Trump for referring to the anthem kneelers as “sons of b******,” and then took aim at the NFL.
“To go from picking cotton balls to picking footballs and basketballs without freedom is not very much progress,” Jackson said Monday.
Jackson said the NFL not guaranteeing full contracts and allowing owners to cut National Anthem protesters without having to pay out the full contract, unlike in MLB and the NBA, is “workplace harassment” and “illegal.”
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