Judge Jeanine WARNS Anti-Trump Flake and Heller ‘We Are Gunning For Your Seats’

President Trump has the most loyal and dedicated supporters around, and he’s lucky to be able to count Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro among them.
The judge has been extremely vocal in her support for the president, and has attacked his detractors like a heat-seaking missile.
Now, Judge Jeanine is taking the gloves off, yet again, and going after anti-Trump GOP elites Jeff Flake and Dean Heller.
Both Flake and Heller have gone out of their way to publicly criticize and undermine President Trump, and have proven they’re not interested in adhering to the will of the American people.
American voters are acutely aware of the GOP establishment elite traitors like Flake, Heller, McCain, and others, and their future in politics doesn’t look good.
Judge Pirro wasn’t joking when she said, “Dean Heller and Jeff Flake, we are gunning for your seats.”
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