Katrina Pierson Schools Dem Who Claims Schumer & Pelosi are More Effective than Trump

Moments ago on Fox and Friends, Katrina Pierson debated Antima Omara, a Democrat strategist on the topic of whether Democrats should be seeking new leadership as suggested by California lawmaker Linda Sanchez.
While both Katrina and Antima agreed that Democrats would indeed benefit would benefit from new blood in their leadership, Antima made a dubious claim, stating “I think that Chuck and Nancy as Trump affectionately refers to them as, have actually been able to get more done in working with Trump …in the last nine months than republicans had having been in power this whole time.”
Katrina responds by welcoming Chuck and Nancy to stay in power “I would actually like them to stay, Dean. I’m not one of those people calling for new leadership… I’d love to see them stay in place there are the leaders that led the Democrat party to where they are now….extremely divisive and dismissive of half the population and with midterms coming up we need those voices out there again”
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