Latino Leader ‘Build The Wall NOW!’

Building the wall to protect and secure the country is simply common sense.
It’s absurd to think that a border wall, which reinforces the sovereignty of your country and keeps drugs, weapons, and illegals out is somehow something we need to debate.
But that’s the narrative the open borders supporting Democrats have created.
One Latino leader isn’t buying it, and he wants the wall built NOW!
President Donald Trump’s border wall appears to be making legislative progress on Capitol Hill.
Following House passage of border wall funding last month, Republicans in the Senate have drafted a Homeland Security bill that includes $1.6 billion in funds for a wall along the Mexican-American border, Bloomberg reported. 
Republicans and Democrats will now negotiate between funding for a border wall and enacting a legislative fix to allow young immigrants under the DACA program, otherwise known as Dreamers, to remain in the country. While GOP lawmakers generally support the idea of a wall on our Southern border, most Democrats stand vehemently opposed to such construction.
“Why would anyone argue against it when we know that illegal immigration costs our country over $100 billion dollars a year. It would be the best investment we could ever make,” says Fredy Burgos, a Republican in living in Northern Virginia and a strong supporter of Trump’s proposed border wall.
Burgos, a Republican activist in his own right, garnered a lot of attention earlier this month over his choice of clothing during an event at the White House.
As Trump delivered an address honoring Hispanic Heritage Month, Burgos donned a red, MAGA-style hat that read “Build The Wall.” Once reporters snapped a photo of Burgos’ hat, the picture immediately went viral on Twitter.
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