Liberal Reporters DEVASTATED that Clinton’s Camp LIED to Them About Dossier Funding

For Trump voters, it was always obvious that Hillary Clinton is and will always will be a compulsive liar.
After all, who has not seen this video of Hillary lying for 12 minutes straight?
But 2 high profile NY Times reporters BLINDED by their faith in the Democratic party, never saw it….well, that is until now.
Hillary’s camp outright lied to them about funding for the Dossier, and they are devastated.
They finally know the sadistic Hillary we ALL know.
From IJR
As The Washington Post reported, the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign funded research that led to the dossier:
The Washington Examiner reported there’s no evidence a Republican donor first funded the research during the primary campaign:
Though President Trump himself gave that story an assist by telling reporters “you’ll be surprised” by who the GOP donor turns out to be.
But New York Times political correspondent Maggie Haberman said she’s riled up because Clinton’s campaign and the DNC “lied” to her about bankrolling the dossier:
The Hill reported that Haberman’s colleague was also upset the Clinton camp lied to him about funding the report:
CNN’s Jake Tapper then joked he was “shocked, shocked” the Democrats would lie about such a thing:
But it’s not funny, and it’s not as simple as typical opposition research, because the FBI used the report to get a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.
President Trump wondered on Twitter who else helped pay for the report:
The Washington Post reported the Clinton campaign paid the Perkins Coie law firm that worked with the company that produced the dossier, Fusion GPS, $5.6 million, and the DNC handed over $3.6 million.
The New York Times reported that former Obama White House Communications Director Anita Dunn, who has ties to Perkins Coie, was also involved with the dossier.
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