Liberals are Trying to Ruin Halloween by BANNING These Popular Costumes!

It’s that magical time of year again, when the leaves turn colors and fall is in the year, and the coolest  holiday, Halloween, is almost upon us.
Unfortunately, liberals have managed to virtually ruin Halloween by using it as another excuse to complain and find things to pretend to be offended about.
In the past decade or so, the left has whittled away at the “fun” spirit of the holiday, and has reduced the amazing and unique day, which was so special to many of us, into little more than another mark on the calendar.
Now, wearing a sombrero, a geisha outfit, dreadlocks, a turban, a Native American headdress, or anything considered “un-politically correct” will get you attacked by a mob of triggered social justice warriors.
Of course, costumes that mock President Trump or his family and administration will sure be cheered by the left, but that goes without saying.
Colleges in Minnesota and Maryland have distributed “Costume or Cultural Appropriation” fliers to explain to students what is and isn’t “acceptable” to wear, and universities in California and Washington have hosted workshops to teach about “harmful” costumes.
When liberals wonder why people hate them so much, this is a great example, and it’s just one more instance of the left ruining something fun with their social justice warrior insanity.
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