Liberals Claim Melania is Using a ‘Body Double’ in Viral Conspiracy Theory

Liberals can not get over their obsessive hatred and jealousy for first lady Melania Trump.
First they were obsessed with her shoes and high heels. Then they were upset she wore Timberland boots.
Now, tin foil hat wearing internet sleuths are claiming that Melania actually uses a “body double” and one particular Melania appearance was NOT actually Melania.
Because these low information minions run in packs, of COURSE the conspiracy theory has now gone viral on Twitter.
Anyone who has ever observed their own photograph in different types of lighting, realizes lighting can cause harsh shadows and make people look different.
If you take a photo right under the sun when it is beaming hardest, it will create harsher shadows than if you take it with overcast clouds.
But who cares about reality in the liberal “fake news” Trump derangement syndrome paradise?
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