Lying Liberal Media IGNORES Clinton/Obama Russian-Uranium Scandal

Once again, we have undeniable proof that our liberal media is a useless fake news propaganda machine that cherry picks stories and spins reports, solely to support and push a twisted progressive ideology.
Why aren’t they covering the BOMBSHELL story about the Clintons and Obamas involved in bribes, money, and favors with the Russians over U.S. uranium?
Hmmm, let’s think about this, could it be that they’re trying to protect Obama’s already-damaged legacy?
The answer to the question in my tweet above is YES.
The media would be “breaking news” on this all day if President Trump were the one caught dealing with Russian bribery, and cries for his impeachment and imprisonment would be heard far and wide.
However, because it involves Hillary and Obama, all you hear from the media and Democrats are crickets.
President Trump called out the hypocritical media today in a tweet.
Our only hope now is that Congress opens up an official investigation into Obama and Clinton’s relationship with Russia.
Considering how “concerned” Democrats are with Russian involvement in U.S. elections, they should certainly be on board, right?
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