Maddow Declares GUNS More Dangerous Than Crashing ‘Fully Loaded’ 747

Rachel Maddow has said some insane things in the past, as we all know.
This time, she’s managed to outdo herself with her recent comments regarding the Vegas shooter, specifically his use of guns to slaughter 59 people at a Las Vegas country western concert.
In her efforts to push her gun control agenda, Maddow explained that the Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, did more “damage” with his guns, than if he had crashed a fully loaded 747.
Rachel Maddow has said some dumb things. In fact, the rabid liberal — host of a prime-time talk show on the rabidly liberal MSNBC — says some really dumb things every day.
So imagine if Maddow said The Dumbest Thing She’s Ever Said. How dumb would that have to be? And wouldn’t The Dumbest Thing Rachel Maddow Has Ever Said be — automatically — right up there with The Dumbest Thing Ever Said In The History Of The World … Ever?
Without further ado, Maddow said on her Monday show that the Las Vegas shooter “was able to assemble, and set up, enough, apparently legal, firepower that he, as a single person, created more victims than if he had crashed a fully loaded 747.”
Now, forget all the commas (we’re pretty sure we punctuated that properly but Maddow is starting to sound like Capt. James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise with. her. staccato. rhythms). But let’s parse the statement Maddow made as she stared deeply into the camera.
“… created more victims than if he had crashed a fully loaded 747” is the operative part. Hmm. She can’t mean if the Vegas shooter “had crashed a fully loaded 747” into the crowd gathered to watch a country music show on The Strip, because there were 22,000 people there. That would have killed far more that 59 people.
But she also can’t mean simply crashing a “fully loaded 747,” as terrorists did with another type of plane, a Boeing 757, on September 11, 2001. A 747 holds anywhere from 416 passengers to 660, depending on the configuration, so that doesn’t make sense, either.
Was Maddow somehow trying to compare the scale of Las Vegas to September 11? If so, it wasn’t very close — more than 3,000 people died on that day of infamy.
One user on speculated Maddow meant total victims. There were 59 killed but more than 500 wounded. But by even the most conventional projection, the crash of a “fully loaded 747” would not leave 59 dead and injure more than 500. When Flight 93 crashed in Shanksville, PA, on September 11, 2001, there were no survivors.
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