Mattis Silences the Trolling Media With 6 Perfect Words About Gold Star Families

General James Mattis is one of those men who has a very unique and efficient way of “telling it like it is,” especially when it comes to touchy subjects.
Mattis did just this during a recent press briefing, when he was asked about his feelings on how the media has politicized the deaths of four American soldiers in Niger, and his response was electric.
“You yourself have comforted families of the fallen,” said a reporter, and asked, “In the last week or so, Gold Star families have been brought into this larger fray. Does that anger you to see them dragged out into this?”
General Mattis looked at the reporter and said, “We honor our fallen in America, and that’s all the more I’ll say about the Gold Star families. Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen.”
The fact that the mainstream media and Democrat politicians have tried to politicize and weaponize President Trump’s gesture of kindness towards the families of the slain soldiers is a new low.
Thankfully, however, men like General Mattis and General Kelly are not afraid to stand up to the insane, anti-Trump narrative being pushed by the left and the liberal media.
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