Michelle Obama is Furious Women Voters Could See Past Gender Identity

Michelle Obama’s assertion that because Hillary Clinton is a woman, she would have been “the voice” for every female voter if she had won, is incomprehensibly stupid beyond belief.
In recent days, Obama belittled all women who failed to vote for Hillary Clinton during the last election, saying: “Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice.” She claimed that she wasn’t concerned about how this affected Clinton, but what it meant for women themselves who “like the thing (they’re) told to like.”
What an amazingly paternalistic and insulting view of women.
Rather than recognizing that women, like men, consider a variety of factors when deciding whom to support for president — that some actually believe that government has grown so large as to make life harder for people to succeed and want policy reforms to limit government — Obama suggests that women who stray from the Democratic fold must be dupes.  The implication is that the interests and solidarity of women as a sex should supersede all other considerations, allowing for no other diversity of thought.
Obama doesn’t seem to recognize that such a deterministic view of women is the antithesis of true respect for individuality and diversity. Accepting that men will choose candidates based on policy agendas, experience and character, while expecting women to vote simply for the candidate that shares their gender, is a rather sexist view of women.
And American women know it. They recognize that the left’s feminist movement isn’t truly interested in hearing from them or listening to their concerns. Instead, they are in the business of advancing a specific political agenda, and don’t want to acknowledge the existence of women who don’t think like them. That’s why the traditional feminist left has been struggling and is increasingly marginalized.
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