Michelle Obama Once Called Disgraced Weinstein a ‘Wonderful Human Being’

Back in 2013, Michelle Obama made the fatal mistake of calling sexual predator Harvey Weinstein a “wonderful human being” and “good friend.”
Now in 2017, Weinstein is now under investigation for decades of sexual harassment and has already admitted fault.
Those comments didn’t age well, Michelle.
The New York Times reported Thursday on extensive sexual harassment claims made by women against Weinstein, including unwanted contact and inappropriate remarks. According to the report, the Democratic megadonor has reached at least eight settlements with women.
Weinstein has donated nearly $600,000 to Democrats and hosted high-priced fundraisers for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Democrats have been pressured to return the donations and some already have.
On November 8, 2013, Michelle Obama hosted a Careers in Film Symposium and offered warm remarks for Weinstein in her opening.
“I want to start by thanking Harvey Weinstein for organizing this amazing day,” she said. “Harvey. This is possible because of Harvey. He is a wonderful human being, a good friend and just a powerhouse. And the fact that he and his team took the time to make this happen for all of you should say something not about me or about this place, but about you.”
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