Morning Joe Brags About Leaving GOP on Twitter, INSTANTLY Backfires!

Joe “Morning Joe” Scarborough has threatened to leave the Republican Party for months, and his intense hatred (and jealousy) for President Trump finally pushed him to do so this week.
The MSNBC host bragged on Twitter about becoming an Independent, and took a shot at President Trump by holding up a fake birth certificate and claiming Trump was born in “Nambia.”
Trump supporters didn’t find Scarborough’s joke amusing, and quickly let him know how they felt about his disrespect for our president.
Other Trump supporters told Morning Joe that his antics and anti-Trump rhetoric had caused them to stop watching his show.
In the end, Joe Scarborough is no different than any of the other unhinged Hollywood celebrities, and simply spews his hatred for President Trump in a desperate attempt to stay “relevant” in the media.
Morning Joe can officially switch his political affiliation to whatever he wants, because Trump supporters know that he’s just another establishment elitist, and his claiming to be a “Republican” never made him any less of a Democrat!
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