Nancy Pelosi Just Got TERRIBLE NEWS from a MSNBC Reporter!

Ever since the election of President Trump, the Democrats have been looking for the ultimate “scapegoat,” and Nancy Pelosi seems to be filling that role these days.
Pelosi is seen by many to be the “leader” of the Democrat Party, and by proxy, is being held responsible by a large portion of liberals for the left’s recent humiliating failures.
In fact, as the Democratic Party’s ideals shift farther left, radical liberals are not pleased with politicians like Pelosi and Kamala Harris, who they see as privileged elitists.
Now, it’s coming to light that even senior Democrats are tired of Pelosi, and feel that she’s a hinderance to the party, according to newly released information.
Alex Seitz-Wald, a political reporter for MSNBC, has said that Nancy Pelosi is quickly losing support from Democrats, and believes the party may try to “run away” from her leadership during the 2018 midterms.
“This was always something you heard in private, whispered behind the scenes from Democratic lawmakers and candidates, but I do think the dam is breaking. You’re seeing more senior people speaking out against her,” said Seitz-Wald.
Pelosi, like many other high-ranking, career politicians, got too comfortable, and her elitist lifestyle has kept her out of touch with the average American.
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