NFL Player Makes Insane Demand, Declares Anthem Protests Won’t End Unless It’s Met

Seattle Seahawks player has issued a insane demand to the NFL.
Michael Bennett stated that the first step towards resolution of the national anthem issue is to get Colin Kaepernick in the league.
No, the first step is when falling ratings and disastrous ticket sales make the league tell spoiled players like you to shut up, Michael.
From Breitbart
Now that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has signaled surrender to the anthem protesters, by saying that the league won’t force players to stand for the Star-Spangled Banner.
The next logical step is for the anthem protesters to demand that the founder of their movement get a job in the league. Well, that’s exactly what happened on Wednesday.
Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett told reporters on Wednesday, “I got to talk to the players in the owners meeting. I think the first step to even being able to even have a conversation is to make sure that Colin Kaepernick gets an opportunity to play in the NFL.
I think before we even negotiate anything about whether we sit or whether we stand, should be a negotiation about opening up the doors for Colin Kaepernick and give him an opportunity again, because I feel like through everything that’s been lost, I think all of us are having opportunities to be able to speak to our employers, but to think about the guy who started everything not to be able to have a voice at this moment, it just doesn’t seem very right to me.”
To remove any doubt, Bennett made clear that Kaepernick’s employment would be a condition of any continued negotiations with the league. “I don’t think we can work alongside of them until we address that issue,” Bennett said. “I think the issue of Kaepernick is the start to a conversation if they want us to be open to what they want, the dialogue, then that’s something that needs to be on the table right there.”
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