NFL Player’s Anti-Trump Shirt Has Fans LIVID on Twitter!

Apparently, the crybaby protesters in the NFL are not able to comprehend that their anti-American behavior is bad for business.
As fans continue to boycott and abandon professional football, revenue from tickets and merchandise sales is dropping off, and these “activist” athletes don’t seem to care.
The NFL seems to be doubling down on its decision to push anti-Trump rhetoric, which is exactly what Oakland Raiders running back, Marshawn Lynch, did by wearing his new shirt.
Lynch outraged and further alienated fans with his “Everybody vs. Trump” shirt, and received some heat on social media for his stunt.
When it comes down to it, Americans are not impressed by the hate and disrespect being shown to our country, flag, national anthem, police, veterans, and president by the NFL.
If the whiney, overpaid, athletes-turned-activists want to force their left-wing agenda, they shouldn’t be surprised to find themselves out of a job when the fans completely tune out!
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