PATHETIC! Kaepernick Plans to Blame Trump for Being Unemployed In Grievance

In yet ANOTHER example of how incredibly pathetic, un-American, and smug Colin Kaepernick is, he plans to blame President Trump for his own predicament of being unemployed in his “grievance” against the NFL.
The ludicrous nature of this argument is truly stunning.
Did President Trump ask Kaepernick to make an ass of himself by pulling a stunt when he should be paying respect to our country and flag? NO.
Did he force other NFL team owners not to hire him? NO.
Colin Kaepernick has no-one to blame for his situation other than himself. 
Colin Kaepernick will name President Donald Trump’s harsh anti-protest rhetoric as a central factor in his collusion grievance against National Football League (NFL) ownership, according to CBS News.
Kaepernick plans to file a grievance against NFL ownership alleging a concerted effort by the 32 team owners to freeze him out of the league. The former 49ers quarterback will cite Trump’s public calls for owners to fire players who refuse to stand for the national anthem as a central motivation in the owners’ decision to keep Kaepernick off the field, a source with knowledge told CBS News.
Kaepernick, unsigned since he became a free agent in March, will argue Trump created a culture in which NFL owners felt compelled to avoid his public ire by refusing to sign Kaepernick, a leader within the players protest movement. His legal team will reportedly rely on a number of Trump’s tweets and public statements in which he seemed to imply some degree of control over the owners’ personnel decisions.
In order to prove collusion, Kaepernick’s legal team must demonstrate that the team owners either expressly communicated about restricting Kaepernick’s opportunities, or that the owners had an “implied” agreement not to sign Kaepernick, likely out of deference to Trump.
The players collective bargaining agreement states: “No Club, its employees or agents shall enter into any agreement, express or implied, with the NFL or any other Club, its employees or agents to restrict or limit individual Club decision-making … ”
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