PIGS FLYING? Tapper DEFENDS Trump Against Rep. Wilson

CNN’s Jake Tapper has not made a secret of his liberal political views, as well as his criticism of President Trump, but now, he’s defending the president over his handling of the death of four American troops.
Even Tapper, who is no fan of the president, realized that Democrat Congresswoman Rep. Frederica Wilson was out of line to politicize and twist Trump’s phone call with the widow of one of the slain soldiers.
In a series of tweets, the CNN anchor outlined the entire ordeal, and accurately pointed out that President Trump’s actions and words were clearly meant with “the best and noblest of intentions.”
Though Jake Tapper is highly critical of the president, it was obvious to him that Trump called the soldier’s widow “sincerely hoping his words would offer some small degree of consolation and express the appreciation of a grateful nation.”
As anti-Trump sentiment continues to pour from Democrats, Hollywood, and the mainstream media, the extreme bias is so blatant and offensive that even an outspoken critic of the president, like Jake Tapper, is seeing it.
Thankfully, although he disagrees largely with Trump’s political beliefs, Tapper was professional enough to do the right thing this one time and get the truth of the matter out to the American people, who are being lied to by hateful Democrats like Frederica Wilson.
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