Plane Circles NFL Stadium With Banner Putting Anthem Kneelers To Shame!

The NFL continues to experience the massive blowback from angry fans, who are now getting really creative in voicing their opinion to the professional football league.
After spending over a year alienating fans and customers by encouraging players to conduct disrespectful protests of the national anthem, the NFL is suffering unprecedented losses in profits, viewers, and attendance.
A citizen in Wisconsin decided to put his spare time to good use, and took to the skies with a message for the NFL protesters, as well as the coaches and owners who have allowed their behavior.
The pilot flew his plane over Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers, and displayed a banner bearing a simple but accurate message, “Real men and NFL owners should stand for our country!”
At this point, the crybaby divas in the NFL have been called out by high school athletes, the women’s “lingerie football” league, first responders, veterans, politicians, celebrities, and the president himself.
As the NFL continues to alienate fans by allowing and encouraging anti-American sentiment from its players, they can expect to keep seeing profits drop, and can be sure that former fans will keep calling them out publicly!
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