Radical Left Communists Confront Cowboys Owner

Recently, Jerry Brown, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, finally took a stand against his players who were kneeling during the national anthem, ordering them to stand or be cut from the team.
In response, the left accused him of racism and every other typical liberal accusation, but now, members of the Alt-Left Communist group Antifa took things to a whole new level and confronted Brown in person.
Two Antifa thugs confronted Brown at a meeting for NFL owners, accusing him of “muzzling black athletes,” and likened him to being a slave owner.
“You want to treat them [NFL athletes] like 40 million dollar slaves,” screamed the angry leftist thugs.
“People need to stand up against you and your buddy, Donald Trump, and drive this regime out,” the Antifa goons said to Brown, and claimed that on November 4th, they would accomplish that goal.
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