REPORT: Weinstein May End Up Taking Michael Moore Down With Him!

Michael Moore’s new film projects are now in danger, thanks to Harvey Weinstein’s scandal.
Due to funds leaving the Weinstein Company and an onslaught of upcoming lawsuits, they may not be able to support Moore’s latest movie “Fahrenheit 11/9,” a documentary on the 2016 election.
The fate of several films by some of the Hollywood’s most radical movie producers is in doubt following the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal, as funds and talent leave his Weinstein Company.
Films by left-wing documentary producer Michael Moore and bloody movie director Quentin Tarantino are now in jeopardy, according to a number of Hollywood outlets. Talent agencies and actors are fleeing the Weinstein Company along with funds, and the company finances are now “dire” as it braces for a flood of lawsuits, Deadline/Hollywood reports.
Moore had been planning to release his anti-Donald Trump documentary “Fahrenheit 11/9” next month. The title is a takeoff of Moore’s 2004 blockbuster anti-Bush film called “Fahrenheit 9/11.” That movie slammed former President George W. Bush and his war against terrorism. “Fahrenheit 11/9” relates to Nov. 9, the day after the country elected Donald Trump president.
Moore’s movie was scheduled to have a worldwide theatrical release next month, but Deadline/Hollywood reports if it’s released at all, it might face a limited theatrical release.
The Weinstein Company bought the worldwide rights for the anti-Trump film under their Fellowship Adventure Group and they were to bankroll the launch. Those funds now appear to be in doubt.
Harvey and Bob Weinstein — who co-owned the 2004 document — have revered Moore for the last decade.
The Weinsteins were such fervent supporters of Moore’s new anti-Trump documentary, they proudly told Hollywood last spring when they announced the anti-Trump doc, “There is no greater part of what we can do right now than to have the power to bring Michael Moore to a mass audience,” according to Variety.
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