Retired NBA Star Kobe Bryant Wishes He Could Disrespect the Anthem

Retired NBA star Kobe Byrant can’t take a knee during the anthem, because he’s no longer active in the world of sports.
However, he wishes he could.
Here we have yet another overpaid, clueless activist athlete, who wants to use a SPORTING EVENT to promote the myth of “police oppression” and “social injustice.”
Thank goodness this one is retired, and will have to “take a knee” in his zillion-dollar living room!
Sad how “oppressed” Kobe is, right?
From The Hill
Former Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant said that if he were still playing for the NBA that he would kneel during the national anthem at games.
Bryant, who retired last year, said in a podcast interview with the Hollywood Reporter that he would mirror protests undertaken by professional football players, and that he would tell President Trump to “focus on serving, not leading,” if given the opportunity.
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