Sarah Huckabee Explains to Reporter Why Trump Will NEVER Stop Tweeting!

During a recent press briefing, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee mentioned the importance of social media, specifically Twitter.
Although President Trump has received some criticism for his use of Twitter, but as Huckabee pointed out, with the extreme bias from the media, it’s really the only way for him to reach the American people.
Since the inauguration, we’ve seen the mainstream media twist every word the president has said, and in fact, the press has embraced an openly hostile, anti-Trump agenda.
The fact that President Trump is able to use social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook to directly get his message to the rest of the country is so important because the media refuses to report from a non-biased point of view.
By tweeting, the president is able to bypass the “spin” from the media, and can let the people hear his message for themselves, something no other president in U.S. history has done.
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