Sarah Huckabee REFUSES to Back Down, Defends Kelly from ‘Racism’ Accusations

In the past several days, liberals have really sunk to new lows, and are scraping the bottom of the barrel for ways to attack President Trump.
It doesn’t get much worse than politicizing the death of American soldiers, but that’s exactly what the left has done, and in the process, they managed to drag General Kelly into the mix.
Kelly, who literally did nothing wrong, has been accused of “racism” by the left, in an unbelievable display of childishness.
Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who’s known for not mincing words and never backing down from the left’s ridiculous tactics, stuck by her guns and defended General Kelly.
Sanders says that General Kelly shouldn’t offer any form of an apology, because he wasn’t wrong, and she’s absolutely correct.
The militant, disgusting left is just trying to smear the good name of an innocent man, which is exactly what they’ve spent the past year trying to do to President Trump.
Men like General Kelly and our president are unfazed by the lies and slander coming from the liberals, because their character and actions speak for themselves, much louder than any fake news coming from the hateful left!
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