SOMEONE at Disney Had to Know About Pervert Harvey Weinstein

It’s impossible to believe that someone over at Disney didn’t know about Harvey Weinstein and his perverted reign of terror.
As more information comes out, it’s becoming apparent that nearly everyone in Hollywood knew, but kept quiet, and allowed a serial rapist to continue stalking and abusing innocent young victims.
There needs to be a deeper investigation into this.
We have a right to know what’s going on with the entertainment industry, especially since it targets children and families, and seems to have worked collectively to protect a dangerous and violent sexual predator.
Someone at Disney knew what was happening and chose to remain silent.
The Walt Disney Company.
How much malfeasance took place during the 12 years starting in 1993 that Disney owned Miramax, the Weinsteins’ first company? Clearly, some of the testimony coming out from various actresses, like Gwyneth Paltrow and Ashley Judd, can be connected to specific movies, so it is probable he was preying on many women during that time frame.
Disney claims that Miramax had a lot of autonomy, but if any victims retained a lawyer to pursue a settlement, as Rose McGowan may have done (she did Scream with them in ’96 and is reported to have received a settlement), they likely would have threatened to file suit against not only Weinstein personally but also the company, including the parent company.
That’s how these things work. Therefore, I can’t imagine that someone at Disney, if not Michael Eisner the CEO at the time, had not been informed. Even if Eisner was not in-the-loop, as he maintains, I would bet that some executive(s) were and there are files in a warehouse or on a server that would be illuminative.
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