Taxpayers Paying MILLIONS for Removal of Confederate Statues

Getting rid of confederate statues in an effort to whitewash history to make it “politically correct” is now costing taxpayers MILLIONS.
From Breitbart
The costs are mounting for removing Confederate monuments in cities across America, the tab costing taxpayers millions.
A recent review of costs from just a few cities across America that began the process of removing Confederate statues from public property shows the extreme expense involved. Costs include both the actual removal costs and the police and public safety costs as cities send out police officers to keep protesters at bay while the destruction of the monuments commences.
One of the first cities to indulge the left’s desire to destroy Confederate monuments was New Orleans. Early this year, the city began the process of removing the statues but initially insisted a private citizen was footing the bill for the removal.
While some of those costs were supposed to be taken on by a citizen of the city, the city budget was also burdened with a whopping cost of $2.1 million, CNN reported in June.
The extra costs came in city employee overtime costs, police overtime costs, and fees related to the court cases that the removal of the statues forced onto the city. New Orleans even had to shell out $50,000 to build a storage facility to store the four large statues.
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