‘The View’ Accuses Trump of Disrespecting Vets in Obsessive Hate Fest

The liberal ladies who host “The View” have made no secret of their hatred for President Trump, and they’re also not trying to keep their glaring hypocrisy hidden, either.
When President Trump called the family of a fallen veteran, Democrat politicians began spreading the lie that he was “disrespectful,” which the Trump-hating cast of “The View” jumped on immediately.
“The View” has picked apart the president’s every word and action, and attempted to portray him negatively on a routine basis, so it was no surprise when the hosts accused him of disrespecting the family of the fallen soldier.
Interestingly enough, “The View” didn’t seem to have any issues when the NFL disrespected our veterans by kneeling during the national anthem.
Liberals don’t care about military families or veterans, and it’s shameful to see these hypocrites politicizing the death of an American soldier to attack President Trump.
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