The View and Hollywood Actress Politicize Death to Push for Gun Control

Ever since Sunday’s horrific massacre in Las Vegas, Democrats have fallen over themselves to call for more regulations on gun ownership, including the repeal and overhaul of the Second Amendment.
The liberal hacks at “The View” didn’t miss a beat, and have been harping on gun control all week, ranting endlessly about things like “silencers” and “assault weapons,” which they know nothing about.
Now, Trump-hater and “Scandal” actress, Kerry Washington, has joined the unhinged lunatics at “The View” to demand gun control and to politicize the Vegas shooting even more.
Washington, who believes “one of the greatest American tragedies” was the election of President Trump, encouraged Americans to politicize gun-related deaths, saying, “I know there are a lot of people that say we shouldn’t politicize death. God forbid, if anything happened to me…politicize it forever.”
Liberals don’t care about victims of gun-related homicides or terrorist attacks, and have proven that they will use any tragedy to continue pushing for their ultimate goal of repealing the Second Amendment.
Low-info Hollywood celebrities like Kerry Washington and the ladies of “The View” don’t know or care about guns, they just want to take away our rights to own them.
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