These Amazing Volunteers Are Honoring the War Veterans the NFL is Disrespecting!

By now, there’s no escaping the drama surrounding the NFL and their anti-American protests, despite many Americans going out of their way to avoid hearing about it.
As the NFL continues to disrespect our veterans and police officers by kneeling for the national anthem, one group of volunteers is working on a way to honor our military heroes.
After the group restored a WWII-era B-17 bomber, they’re using it to fly around the country and take WWII veterans on nostalgic flights.
Veterans and their family members, as well as family members of those who worked on these planes during the war, have all enjoyed being able to experience a piece of American history up close.
With the amount of disrespect for our military coming from celebrities and athletes lately, it’s nice to see patriotic Americans going out of their way to do something nice for those who served our country.
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