Tomi Lahren DESTROYS Anti-Gun Libs ‘Criminals Don’t Obey Laws’

Anytime there’s an incident involving gun-related violence, Democrats can’t wait to exploit the tragedy and use it to push their liberal agenda.
The recent mass shooting in Las Vegas is no different, the left could hardly wait until the shooter had stopped firing to demand gun control, their ultimate goal.
We’ve seen several high-ranking Democrat politicians, such as Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala Harris, all call for new regulations on gun ownership.
In fact, unhinged liberal celebrities, like Michael Moore, have demanded a complete repeal and overhaul of the Second Amendment, something the left has fantasized about for a long time.
Tomi Lahren of Fox News destroys the left’s anti-gun narrative, and points out that criminals don’t follow the laws that already exist, and more gun regulations will only affect law abiding gun owners.
Democrats’ failed anti-gun policies, like “gun-free zones” and other restrictions, make it easier for criminals and terrorists to hurt innocent people, by taking away the rights of Americans to defend themselves.
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