Traitor McCain Declares he Worked Better With OBAMA than Trump

Traitor John McCain is now claiming he worked better with Obama than he does with President Trump.
Well, he has never bothered to work with Trump and clearly has the same ideology of a globalist Democrat.
Thanks John, for exposing yourself.
From The Hill
On Tuesday, the Republican and Democratic leaders of the Senate Armed Services Committee both said the Trump administration has not provided them with enough information on the attack.
Committee Chairman John McCain (R-Ariz.) even went so far as to say the Obama administration — which he repeatedly slammed as weak on defense — was better at working with him.
Asked by The Hill whether the administration has been forthcoming with information on Niger, McCain said “no.”
“I had a better working relationship, as far as information back and forth, with [President Obama’s Defense secretary] Ash Carter than I do with an old friend of 20 years,” McCain said.
Asked whether the “old friend” was Defense Secretary James Mattis, McCain said “yes,” though he said the statement also extends to Trump’s national security adviser, H.R. McMaster.
“I think they had this idea that once Trump won that we are a unicameral government,” McCain said.
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