Traitor Paul Ryan Sides With Liberals on Gun Control

Is there ever a time that we the people can count on Paul Ryan to uphold the America first agenda that we voted for?
The answer is no.
Globalists like Ryan, McCain, and Flake, are pushing the globalist liberal agenda now like a deeps state uniparty, the same way they did when Obama was in office.
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is of course advocating for strict gun control, and siding with the crazed liberals.
From CNN
House Speaker Paul Ryan signaled openness Thursday to looking into bump-fire stocks, devices that allows semi-automatic weapons to fire at a rapidly increased rate, similar to an automatic firearm, as other Republicans have shown an openness to at least discussing a ban on the devices.
In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, Ryan told Hugh Hewitt in an interview for his MSNBC show that “clearly that’s something we need to look into.”
Ryan’s comments come as one senior House GOP member told CNN enough House Republicans are likely to agree to a push for legislation that would ban bump stocks that something could pass in the GOP-controlled House.
“There’s enough Republicans who are looking for something that they can say ‘I did something.’ And the bump stock is an Obama policy. That was approved by the ATF in 2010 and 2012, so why would we defend that?
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