Trump Gives EPIC Response When Asked if he can ‘Work With’ Dems

As President Trump’s first year in office draws near an end, it’s clear that as hard as Trump worked for America, Democrats have collectively worked even harder to undermine and obstruct him at every turn.
Despite the obstruction and childish behavior from the Democrats, President Trump had a phenomenal first year, and racked up an impressive list of accomplishments, all while reaching out to the dejected left.
During a White House press conference, President Trump was in rare form, and was especially feisty in his criticism of the Democrats.
When asked by the press if he could see any possible working relationship with the Democrat Party, the president responded with a cavalier, “If we don’t, we don’t.”
The media also asked Trump if he could “work” with Democrats, to which he replied, “I would like to give you that answer in about seven years from now. Is that OK? Meaning one plus seven.”
With that epic response, the president made it clear that he is planning on a 2020 victory!
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