Tucker Reacts to Loony Liberal Who Claims Pelosi ‘Represents All Women’

Recently, a liberal guest on Tucker Carlson’s show had the nerve to imply that Nancy Pelosi represents “all women” in America, and that she “isn’t paid for” by anyone.
There’s really no way to react to hearing something this absurd other than the way Tucker responded, which was to break into hysterical laughter.
Tucker asked his guest, a feminist journalist, if she really believed that Pelosi represented women, to which she replied, “Well, absolutely. She is not bought and paid for by anyone. That means she’s there for her own passion.”
It’s hard to imagine how anyone could give this response with a straight face, and Tucker certainly couldn’t contain his laughter, afterwords, he told his guest, “Your faith is childlike, and therefore impressive.”
Nancy Pelosi doesn’t represent anyone, women or men, unless they’re part of the group of wealthy, connected politicians and their circle of elite friends.
Anyone who truly believes that Pelosi cares about women, or the American people in general, is kidding themselves, because she’s just another corrupt, inept, career politician.
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