‘Tyranny of Political Correctness’ Forced Boy Scouts to Allow Girls to Join

Laura Ingraham, who will soon be hosting her own show on Fox News, voiced her shock at the Boy Scouts’ recent decision to allow girls to join, a move she called “madness.”
Michael Surbaugh, Chief Scout Executive for the Boy Scouts of America, just announced that girls will be permitted to join their ranks, which Ingraham described as the “tyranny of political correctness.”
Ingraham said that the Boy Scouts were catering to a “very small, radical group of gender-benders out in the culture, who want to say there’s no difference between boys and girls.”
“Boys should be able to have a boys’ club. Girls should be able to have a girls’ club,” said Ingraham, and the overwhelming majority of the country feels the same way.
“This is just more madness,” said Ingraham, adding, “Most parents are tired of it.”
Organizations like the Boy Scouts of America have sacrificed the safety of children to suit the demands of a small minority, and will undoubtedly see their numbers drop as long as they continue doing so.
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