UH-OH – Hillary Just Said ‘Vote for Hillary in 2020’ in Welsh

Hillary Clinton was just supposedly tricked into saying “Vote for Hillary in 2020.”
But was she REALLY tricked? We all know these talk shows are often scripted in advance.
Is this just the beginning of Hillary trying to write herself a “redemption” and “comeback” story ahead of a 2020 run?
Hillary Clinton appeared to be dupped into saying “vote for Hillary in 2020” during an interview Friday on BBC One.
The failed 2016 presidential candidate made an appearance on “The One Show” and was speaking to hosts Alex Jones and Amol Rajan about her election memoir What Happened.
At one point during the interview, Jones — not Alex Jones of Infowars — had Clinton repeat after her in another language.
After doing so, Jones revealed Clinton had said “vote for Hillary in 2020” in Welsh.
After bursting out into laughter and giving Jones a high-five, Clinton said, “Oh, I plead total ignorance.”
Watch the video:
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