UNBELIEVABLE: Look How Joy Behar Just Attacked “White People!”

Lately, “The View” has pretty much dedicated every show to attacking President Trump by spreading lies, rumors, and wild speculations, but now, they’ve added a new target: white people.
That’s right, apparently an entire race of people is “fair game” for hate-filled host Joy Behar, who blanket labeled all white people as “playing the victim card.”
Behar and her liberal looney tune co-hosts scoffed at the idea that white people could experience discrimination, which is something we see all too often these days.
“They’re blaming the fact that maybe they don’t have a good income or their life has not treated them well–they’re blaming it on discrimination,” said Behar, who went on to say that “white people just want an excuse to feel victimized.”
Sunny Hostin, Behar’s racist co-host, said she felt “confused” that whites could be discriminated against.
Since “The View” has spent the last year pushing the anti-Trump agenda, they must have now decided to embrace the anti-white agenda too, and have joined the NFL and other celebrities in showcasing their bigotry and hatred for all the world to see.
Programs like “The View” which seek to gain “points” with the social justice warrior crowd by pushing anti-white propaganda are tearing this country apart, and are working overtime to stoke the flames of racial tension in America.

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