Under Trump, DOW Experiences a Historic MILESTONE

President Trump campaigned on his promise to “Make America Great Again,” and he certainly hasn’t wasted any time, and in just one year, he’s accomplished some remarkable things.
Despite obstruction from Democrats and a few phony “Republicans,” the president has already managed to help stimulate the economy, create jobs, and help America profit once again.
For the first time since its creation in 1986, the Dow Jones has seen an unprecedented milestone, closing Wednesday’s trading day above 23,000.
As we watch our economy continue to grow and heal, the truly amazing thing is that this is all happening within the first year of Trump’s presidency, and he’s only getting started.
America elected the successful businessman, who was a total political outsider, because we were tired of letting career politicians make disastrous financial decisions that left us struggling to survive and trillions of dollars in debt.
Now, as we see President Trump working his “business magic” on the badly damaged economy, it’s clear that we chose the right leader.
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